SINGLE REVIEW: Cher Lloyd – None Of My Business

It’s the redemption story that you’ve been patiently waiting for. Cher Lloyd topped that charts in 2012 with her infectiously catchy singles ‘Want U Back’, ‘Oath’ and ‘With Ur Love’. But her recent attempt to make a comeback with the lacklustre ‘Activated’ last year  saw her taking an extended break to further experiment with her new sound. After signing a new record deal with Universal Music, the UK songstress has returned with a stronger and commercially friendly bop. ‘None Of My Business’ hears her returning to the attitude-filled melodies her debut album was filled of that will have you reminiscing over her old music again. Sonically she steps towards an electronic RNB fuse that takes synth elements and intertwines it with hip-hop and RNB layers. Reflecting on her old relationship she says goodbye to that person who was once in her life now that he’s moved on and found someone else. She takes her angst and serves it back to him in a sassy and honest way. “Damn, I heard that you and her been having problems. She likes to fight, I guess you both have that in common. Started at the top, and now you at the bottom. But baby, this is none of my business”. It is a more moody and chilled out pop sound compared to what you have been previously acquainted with but it is a great step in the right direction for her to move forward.