LIVE REVIEW: Cheap Trick – The Tivoli

Some of your favourite acts from the 70’s and 80’s tour to relive their hay-day whilst other bands tour because they are still in their prime and Cheap Trick are one of those rare acts. Within a kaleidoscope of colour and bursting with high energy, the classic rock four-piece invaded The Tivoli stage for the final date of their Australian tour. With the lights dimming and the buzzing sound of the amps coming through the speakers, a voiceover introduced the band to the ecstatic Brisbane crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Please welcome to the stage the best rock bands you’ve ever fucking seen, Cheap Trick”. But the crowd didn’t need the formal introduction because by their reactions to the opening song ‘Hello There’ they were already warmed up, excited and ready for a good night of rock n roll. Powering through a setlist of their ultimate greatest hits, the crowd passionately sung along to the long time favourites ‘You Got It Going On’, ‘Big Eyes’, ‘Borderline’, On Top Of The World’ and ‘If You Want My Love’. 

Immediately the band had captivated the crowds attention with their electric stage presence which hasn’t seemed to dim over time. Their high energy is infectious and as lead guitarist Rick Nielsen ran around the stage he had everyone smiling and giggling as he peered around corners and boogied his way across the stage with pure charisma. Lead singer Robin Zander has this natural cool aura about him as he commanded the attention with his captain hat on and classic black and white attire. His on-stage persona is very powerful and reminds me of early Iggy Pop with some of the slight movements.  As they continued the show with ‘She’s Tight’, ‘Ain’t That A Shame’, ‘Baby Loves To Rock’ and new single ‘The Summer Looks Good On You’ they really showcased just how sonically tight they still are as a band. Guitarists Rick Nielsen and Tom Petersson started to throw out handfuls of guitar picks as hardcore fans jumped around and scattered across the floor trying to find them. As they headed towards the end of the set, some of the shows biggest singalongs occurred with the epic hits ‘The Flame’, ‘I Want You To Want Me’ and ‘Dream Police’. As they said goodnight, the crowd knew it wasn’t totally over just yet. Before you knew it, they were back on stage with ‘Never Had A Lot To Lose’ before ‘Surrender’ ignited your inner angst. 

Appropriately closing the show with ‘Goodnight Now’ the band really highlighted just how far they had come. With over 40 years in the industry you could expect them to be a little jaded, over it and tired. But it was actually the opposite. They’ve ripened with age and continually delivered a highly energetic show full of strong songs and memorable moments. Their long-term fans in attendance loved every moment as they danced and sang the Thursday night away.

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Photos by Eliya Suparman

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