SINGLE REVIEW: Sasha Sloan – Chasing Parties

Your favourite sad girl of 2018 has yet another song for you to drink your feelings to. Or cry to. Whatever floats your boat. But what is for certain is that Sasha Sloan is an incredibly deep and powerful songwriter. She has this natural ability to write so vulnerably but deliver it in such an empowering and beautiful way. And her new single ‘Chasing Parties’ is a true testament to this. The guitar lead ballad has a doo-woop sweep to the production that perfectly collide with her soothing harmonies that just fall within the notes. This song builds gradually with a slight uplifting production shift throughout its duration but most of this is driven by her vocal techniques without stepping too far away from her soothing melodies. She lyrically tells this story of heartbreak and depression that causes a downward spiral but meeting someone who changes your way. Instead they inspire you to clean up your act by falling in love with them which is sometimes a little bit more dangerous. “But I’m done chasing parties, I’m done chasing baddies, Im done getting home as two. I’m done cause I’ve finally found you”. The minimalist confessional is super sweet and reflective and has this raw emotional side that your heart cant help but drift towards. She’s yet again shown another side and whilst it’s not a road trip banger like ‘Faking It’, it’s something else a little bit special.