SINGLE REVIEW: Major Lazer feat Tove Lo – Blow That Smoke

2018 has been a bit of a quiet year for Tove Lo which is a little bit surprising after she only brought out an album at the end of last year and didn’t seem to really do any touring for it except for playing a couple of festivals. Instead she’s been in the studio working on her fourth studio album and whilst there is no official word on when we can expect it she’s just dropped a collaboration with Major Lazer to hold us off in the meantime. ‘Blow That Smoke’ is a typical Major Lazer produced track with it’s generic electronic beat that is a little over done. I really did expect something a little experimental for a Tove Lo collaboration and maybe something that went into a kinda uncharted pop direction for Major Lazer. But instead they played it safe. This is a song that you would expect from a MO collaboration and doesn’t really manage to make that same impact as you would expect. But in saying that, it is okay. It’s catchy and succeeds at what it goes out to do, which is create a cool club ready moment. The lyrics are fairly simple and doesn’t offer that usual Tove Lo blunt vulnerability. Instead it is very party orientated surrounded by a storyline of needing to get high to get over someone. “Blow that smoke and let me love that fire. I don’t need no memories”. A concept that both of these artists have done before. So it’s not really ground breaking but it’s alright and enjoyable.