SINGLE REVIEW: Thomston – The Heights 

Earlier this year New Zealand singer-songwriter, Thomston delivered one of my low-key favourite pop tracks of 2018. ‘Acid Rain’ was a minimalistic indie-pop moment about realising someone is bad for you and learning to let go. The production elevated an empowering vibe whilst still being vulnerable, emotional and catchy. Returning with yet another bold track, he shares an intimate vulnerability that will have you heart breaking and healing simultaneously. ‘The Heights’ explores a dark period where he let the voices in his head and depression take over. But its hears him reclaiming himself and finding a light within the darkness and growing from the pain. The song takes a gradient approach with a really unique positive shadowing with an anthemic and uplifting styled production. Starting with a simple piano he adds in soft synths as he confesses his change of mindset during the bridge “And oh, you thought I was weak. But I get a kick out of proving you wrong”. And then during the chorus this uplifting and euphoric production will have you throwing your hands in the air and healing with him. “So if I fall, it’ll be cause I jumped. And if I jump it’ll be because I’m reaching for the heights”. From a first listen you will be impressed, captivated and feeling all the emotions. I’ts a song for anyone who has been in the darkness and found a light within themselves. This is an anthem for you.