INTERVIEW: Eves Karydas

In the midst of glittery, synth-soaked production comes a very vulnerable and intimate story of love, loss and self reflection. Eves Karydas’ debut album ‘summerskin’ is an intimate affair that at moments does feel like an open page to the most personal pages of her diary. After returning to the music industry late last year with a slick new pop sound, she has been gaining major momentum on Triple J and streaming services with a new wave of fans discovering her cool vibes. And this album continues to explore and experiment the polished production sound compared to her old DIY influenced project, Eves The Behaviour which you may be well acquainted with. Now with a full body of work finally out in the world and ‘Damn Loyal’ currently receiving heavy rotation on Triple J, the Brisbane based singer-songwriter is hitting the road in February 2019 for a massive run of dates. 

I recently chatted to Eves Karydas about finally having a full body of work out in the world, explored the most vulnerable moment on ‘summerskin’ and found out what she’s most looking forward to about going on tour next year. Check it out; 

TB: Your debut album ‘summerskin’ is finally out in the world, so now that everyone can finally hear it after the long wait, how are you feeling?

EK: To be completely honest with you, it’s a feeling I didn’t expect! I suppose you spend so long anticipating a moment that when it finally hits it feels completely different. Its surreal. Odd. Exposing. And holding the CD in my hand for the first time was a really special moment.

TB: What would you say is the albums most vulnerable lyric for you? And does it feel like some pieces of your diary are now public?

EK: The opening line of ‘Wildest Ones’ “I need to forget about me, stuck in my head so much I can’t see”. It’s probably not the most personal but it’s the most transparent. Definitely feels like I have a diary open to the world, because most of this album is about someone incredibly dear to me.

TB: It’s interesting that you say that because ‘Wildest Ones’ stands out to me as a very special track on the album because of its strong storytelling and dreamy production. So what was the story behind the creative process of that track?

EK: I started off with the lyric “we’re going to be the wildest ones you could possibly dream of” and thought, how about I counter that sentiment and make this song stripped back, intimate and bare? It’s a really nice contrast and I feel it let the words shine through.

TB: You finished this album a little while ago so how have you found that your music has progressed or grown since? What has been inspiring you musically recently?

EK: Yeah, the album was finished last year and will forever be dear to me and a reminder of those exciting times. Recently I’ve taken up my guitar again and been writing acoustically. It’s something I haven’t done since I was about 18, so that’s different!

TB: You are going on a massive headlining tour early next year, so what can people expect from these live shows?

EK: This will be the first time I play most of these album tracks live, so that’s going to be really special. I’m excited to finally play to an audience with a full body of work out. Usually my show sets are more than half unreleased tracks. That in itself is going to be really fun and I can’t wait to connect with everyone there. I’ll probably be smiling like an idiot the whole time.

TB: You went on your first headlining tour a couple of months ago to support the release of ‘Couch’. So what was one of your favourite memories from that tour?

EK: I’d say playing my first headline show in Brisbane was my highlight of the tour. It was such an incredible crowd with such high energy! So that, and meeting people afterwards. I really love doing that.

TB: Your songs have a very empowerful and vulnerable edge to them. So what would you like to say to females who are scared to be themselves or are confused with the current state of the world?

EK: There’s a real judgement around women flaunting what they’re good at and that bothers me a lot. It’s taken me a long time to shrug that worry off my shoulders and just focus on my skills and focus on being a good person with good intentions. Work hard and be yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Don’t be afraid to show off or be bold!

TB: You are a very active member of the Australian music scene, so who are some newcomers that you think people should check out ASAP?

EK: The first one that comes to mind is Not A Boys Name!

TB: Lets play a little game where you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind..

EK: Okay!

TB: Most people think I… 

EK: Am meek and mild, but boy are they wrong!

TB: The emoji that best describes my album is… 

EK: The lemon

TB: My morning pump up song is… 

EK: ‘Breathin’ by Ariana Grande

TB: Pineapple on pizza is… 

EK: A must!

TB: The most unexpected thing on my rider is… 

EK: A portrait of Ryan Gosling


‘summerskin’ 2019 Australian Tour Dates

Thu Feb 14 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

Fri Feb 15 – Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Sat Feb 16 – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Thu Feb 21 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Fri Feb 22 – Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane

Sat Feb 23 – Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns


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