SINGLE REVIEW: Yorke – First Light 

It’s not often that debut singles just hit you right in the chest with such certainty but Yorke has successfully done just that. ‘First Light’ is a triumphant first serving that showcases raw emotion and a whole lot of heart. The Byron Bay singer-songwriter introduces herself through the crisp synth production that is layered with dreamy vocal harmonies. The steady drum beat leads this song to an empowering and therapeutic release of repressed emotions. She explores the tough aftermath of a break up where you’re trying to pick up the pieces and find yourself again in amongst mixed emotions. You’re trying to do the best for the other person because you still care about them but at the same time you’re not looking after yourself the way you should be. “I must confess, I’m doing my best to hold you up, to find myself again. I must confess, I’m a mess right now”. Her lyrics will overcome you with this empowering release of feelings with the whispering of “I’m struggling, you’re struggling” in the pre chorus as well as the ultimate confessing of “you were on my mind, for the longest time”. But whilst the lyrics are quite emotional and dark she shadows this with a very empowering and uplifting production. It’s the sort of song you’ll want to blast on a coastal road trip with the window down and the volume turned all the way up. And after a first listen you will be immediately hooked and anticipating what is next to come from this exciting newcomer.