SINGLE REVIEW: Meg Mac – Give Me My Name Back

After the completion of her sold out tour at the end of last year, Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac stepped out of the spotlight and returned to the studio where she started working on her highly anticipated second studio album. So in retrospective 2018 has been a little quiet from the Meg Mac camp but returning for a couple of festival appearances, she’s decided to finally break the silence and drop the empowering first single. ‘Give Me My Name Back’ is an anthem for anyone who has ever lost an important part of themselves from emotional or physical abuse and needs to reclaim themselves in order to move on. It’s a very dark and moody song that carries this huge emotional weight that she just throws in the air and releases. Through the use of oozing synths and vocal layers, the song builds this momentum without technically changing the pace. “Give me my name back. What’re they gonna call me now? I want it all back”. The empowering vibe will resonate to anyone who does feel a little lost because of things happening presently or in their past and will encourage them to make a change within themselves and to reclaim their name. It’s a strong comeback which hears her slightly stepping away from the usual sound we’ve been acquainted with with a grittier delivery.