SINGLE REVIEW: Astrid S – Emotion

After the release of her slick and groovy EP ‘Party’s Over’, I really did expect Astrid S’ comeback to be a little more impactful and bold. But ‘Emotion’ is a groovy little synth lead track which packs a lot of heart. It’s a whole hearted grower which will take a few listens for you to fully allow yourself to be immersed in the sound. Compared to her previous tracks, it doesn’t hold the same initial punch but it does eventually get there in some capacity. It has this moody synth production that takes your favourite elements from the 80’s pop sound and reinvents it to something a little more industrial and experimental. She opens up about the confusing feelings of a break up where someone won’t give you closure and you’re left to try and pick up the pieces on your own. “Did you forget that I’ve got a thing called emotion? You live and you let till you start to bleed. How would I know? Cause you left my wound wide open. Just for how long will you let it bleed?”. Her vocals are as dreamy as ever and channels the pop polish of Zara Larsson. It just doesn’t hold the same punch as ‘Think Before I Talk’ or ‘Such A Boy’ but it does explore a new sound which could develop into something stronger for her.