SINGLE REVIEW: Middle Kids – Salt Eyes

It’s only been 5 months since Middle Kids released their debut album but they are back to give you a second serving with 4 new songs ready to be released. The Sydney trio have unveiled the first new track which is an experimental grunge meets alternative rock moment. ‘Salt Eyes’ explores that internal search for freedom after the exhaustion from crying and being continuously run down. “All this time we believed we were living. Joy rides, splitting sides, getting thinner. We were so tired, baby we got salt eyes”. The honest confessional hears lead singer Hannah Joy breaking down her vocals and lyric structure to something grittier and simple. The disconjointed lyric structure has her highlighting the key words of the storyline and takes you on a journey. It’s less polished than their previous releases and hears them returning to that more alternative approach. it’s a track that belongs on Triple J and truly compliments their live show and discography. It may not be as strong as ‘Edge Of Town’ or ‘Mistake’ but it shows a strong growth and experimentation.