SINGLE REVIEW: Haiku Hands feat. True Vibration – Squat

Fresh off the back of a massive run of festival shows, Australia’s most exciting (and maybe the most fiercest girl group since Young Divas) Haiku Hands have finally released a new single. Along with the announcement of a huge headline tour in early 2019, ‘Squat’ hears the four piece getting a little grittier than before. This song has less of a pop polish and heads towards a heavier experimental production that dabbles in electronic hip-hop influences. I’m just going to say it, this song is better live. It has more energy, personality and simply fits better with their live show dynamic. This studio version gets a little lost with the True Vibration feature which seems a little unnecessary. These girls have enough personality, sass and strength to carry this song out and to give you that fun and carefree vibe on their own that they try to create. Within a couple of listens this studio version will begin to grow on you but their live version is a lot more captivating and will win you over instantly.