SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Sucker Punch

I feel like I’ve spent all of 2018 just waiting for Sigrid to release her debut album and I’m unsure if we are going to hear it anytime soon so I guess a new single is okay instead. ‘Sucker Punch’ is a brand new track that the Norwegian songstress has never played live before and hears her further exploring the sound recent singles ‘High Five’ and ‘Schedules’ cemented. The playful indie-pop track is an unusually positive and flirty track that explores an unexpected relationship and all the feelings that come with it. Usually she is a little cynical with her love stories and is brutally honest with the way she explores everything so it’s nice to hear her a little bit happy. “It hit me like a sucker punch. Just one look and I’m out of touch. I’m freaking out cause I’m scared this might end bad but I still come back for that, sucker punch”. On a first listen the upbeat production comes across a little gimmicky with the grittier synth beats that eventually even out into a polished hook. But it grows on you with each listen and gives you this fun and empowering feel that encourages you to embrace that sucker punch that love can deliver. With a bunch of incredibly good unreleased song in her discography I really hope we get an album sooner than later.