SINGLE REVIEW: Fickle Friends – The Moment

Following the release of their debut album, Fickle Friends have decided to keep the momentum rolling with a forthcoming EP that hears them stepping further into the synth-soaked world they began to experiment with.

The first single ‘Broken Sleep’ was a forgettable disco-tinged track that became a little monotonous and didn’t seem to really go anywhere sonically. So the English five piece have backed it up with a euphoric track that is a lot stronger and more cohesive. ‘The Moment’ musically picks up where their debut album left off and explodes the indie-pop meets synth sound you became familiar with. Nat’s vocals have this dreamy and sticky delivery that will have you oozing along to the pulsating synths.

Lyrically she reflects on having your guard up and trying to live in the moment and have fun whist trying to not hurt other people in the process. “Why you gotta, gotta be so deep in the philosophy? When I’m living it in the moment, I just wanna be in the moment”.

This is just a fun and almost carefree themed track which will have you dancing along to their music again. It’s going to appeal to fans of their tracks like ‘Glue’, ‘Swim’ and ‘Hard To Be Myself’ as it’s just simply easy to listen to. 

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