LIVE REVIEW: Kav Temperley – The Milk Factory

“I’m so glad you’re all here” Kav Temperely quietly confessed to the intimate Brisbane crowd. This was the first time he had officially hit the road as a solo artist as he is usually the frontman of your favourite Australian rock band, Eskimo Joe. He jokingly added “I’m here for your entertainment, so get comfy and grab a wine” as he kicked off the first night of the tour with stripped down versions of early Eskimo Joe favourites, ‘From The Sea’ and ‘Planet Earth’. But this whole tour was in support of his debut album ‘All Your Devotion’ which hears him finding his voice as a solo artist with an intimate and vulnerable approach to alternative rock songs which are quite different to his usual full band approach. He candidly explained that the inspiration behind this album came from his “wife to be” who helped him fall in love again when he didn’t think it would happen. That segued into ‘Queen Of My Heart’ and ‘This Is The Love’ which were apparently already some fan favourites. For ‘Surrender’ he invited his support act Seja (who is from Regurgitator) onstage to perform it with him on the keys and give the crowd a slightly more upbeat sound. For the rest of the show it was just Kav on stage with the acoustic guitar but the crowd didn’t mind one bit. It allowed him to open up and be more intimate with them as he candidly told the stories behind the record. He confessed that the title track ‘All Your Devotion’ was about passionate sex whilst laughed about the fact he was able to put a Christmas song on his album, just because he could. Throughout the night he gave the crowd some good old Eskimo Joe throwbacks with the likes of ‘London Bombs’ and ‘Sarah’ receiving a welcoming inclusion. As he crooned through ‘What Is It Worth, ‘Expectations’ and ‘Christmas Lights’ he returned to where it all started with his debut solo EP. He explained that this EP was a experimentation for him to see what direction he would go in and helped shaped what his album would soon become. He intimately performed ‘Hope Street’ and ‘Dancing’ before closing his set with catchy lead single ‘Pollyanna’. 

Explaining that he was planning on walking off stage and coming back on for an encore but realised that it would involve serious effort as he had to walk through the crowd, he decided he would just stay on and give the crowd the final two tracks. What followed was a very strange and bold cover of Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’ which centres around the very interesting lyrics “I wanna fuck you like an animal”. He safely wrapped it all up with the Eskimo Joe track ‘Love Is A Drug’ which left the crowd wanting more from his very big discography. As he performed during the show he was drinking a glass of red wine which I thought was perfectly on brand for him until he didn’t perform ‘Black Fingernails Red Wine’ and I instantly felt my heart break. But it’s okay, because he put on a very engaging and intimate show full of vulnerability and quirky banter. And it’s important to note that his signature vocals are still as smooth as ever. 

All Your Devotion National Tour

Thur 11 Oct – Grace Emily, Adelaide 

Fri 12 Oct – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave

Sat 13 Oct – The Toff In Town, Melbourne 

Fri 19 Oct – Leadbelly, Sydney

Sat 20 Oct – Lizottes, Newcastle

Sat 27 Oct – Mojos, Fremantle

Fri 2 Nov – River Hotel, Margaret River

Sat 3 Nov – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury 




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