ALBUM REVIEW: Twenty One Pilots – Trench

Over the years Twenty One Pilots have delivered some massive and innovative alternative rock meets pop moments that have undoubtedly inspired so many fans and musicians alike. It had been a little while in between releases for the dynamic duo so their highly anticipated third studio album had a lot of hype surrounding its release. Sadly ‘Trench’ disappoints with a confusing concept and storyline that has a bluntly weak delivery. From the opening chaotic sound of ‘Jumpsuit’ you are left questioning where they are sonically going to go with this record. Their last album heard them receiving major mainstream attention and selling out arenas all over the world so I expected some empowering and energetic moments to follow. Instead they got dark, alternative and moody very quickly. Briefly returning to their hip-hop rock roots for the 2min track ‘Levitate’ the band offer a slight glimpse of hope as they go into the unreleased album highlight ‘Morph’. But it’s the groovy ‘My Blood’ that full captures the sound and vibe you were expecting to feel for the duration of this record. Except it’s a one of a kind and a true cool moment. From there the album goes quickly downhill. There are just no more defining moments or catchy hooks that have you wanting to continue listening. I kept waiting to be mindblown or find a track that made me want to press replay but it never came. The whole album revolves around this fictional storyline and world they’ve created and it’s just not engaging or relatable enough. They are a band who have created a strong and passionate fanbase through their honest storytelling so this seems like a really confusing step backwards. It will be interesting to see how this record is represented in their upcoming live show and if they manage to uplift the confusing feel of it. 

You can purchase a copy of ‘Trench’ from Sanity now;


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