Last year Maryland rapper Logic was thrown into the spotlight with his number one record ‘Everybody’ and his politically charged single ‘1-800-273-8255’. With his new found fame in tow he has decided to release his fourth studio album ‘YSIV’ which hears him experimenting with a new alter ego. Incorporating 60’s and 70s music into his samples he embodies a new character called Young Sinatra IV and this cohesive collection of tracks explores that concept. From the opening track ‘Thank You’ he prefaces the album with a dedication to his fans and long-time supporters. Including audio messages he’s collected along the way from them he make this collection really intimate and special. The funky hip-hop delivery of recent single ‘Everybody Dies’ is brash and bold  which will keep old school fans happy. Whilst ‘One Day’ featuring Ryan Tedder and ‘Ordinary Day’ featuring Hailee Steinfeld caters for the pop fans he collected last year. ‘WU Tang Forever’ is a massive and defining track about hip-hop culture and will be a must listen for any fans of the genre. The rest of the album is very hip-hop oriented and whilst it won’t be for everyone, it will keep his fans happy and ready for another round of touring. But otherwise it’s a little forgettable and fails to create the social impact he was trying so hard to deliver.

You can purchase a copy of Logic’s new album ‘YSIV’ from Sanity now; 



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