ALBUM REVIEW: Last Dinosaurs – Yumeno Garden

The return of Brisbane favourites, Last Dinosaurs has been a bit of a long time coming. Their third studio album ‘Yumeno Garden’ comes three years after the release of ‘Wellness’ and hears them returning to their bright and punchy indie-rock. However this time they are a little punchier with a raw approach to the production which is less polished than to what you’ve heard previously from them. This doesn’t take away from their overall sound as they still deliver slick and catchy hooks intertwined with big riffs. ‘Eleven’ opens the record and full embodies the indie-rock roots approach with crunching guitars and and gritty harmonies. The track is unsurprisingly inspired by The Strokes with it’s similar production stylings and is even fully equipped with a guitar solo. Lead single ‘Domino’ is a classic Last Dinosaurs track with it’s festival ready hook which is infectiously catchy and tracks like ‘Bass God’ and ‘Shallow Boy’ follow it’s strong lead. They almost have a Wombats tinge to them with the way the songs production has been polished. But the rest of the ten track album is in more of a raw form. Highlight ‘Sense’ is a gritty indie-rock track that immediately commands your attention with it’s strong lyrics. “It’s time we all let go now”. And then ‘Happy’, ‘Everything Relative’ and ‘Non Lo So’ take a psychedelic de-tour with a dreamy DIY production which really suits their vision. Expanding from that, ‘Forget About’ and ‘Italo Disco’ add groovier samples and grows that sound a little further which will compliment their live show a lot. This is a record that will please and surprise long term fans as it hears them truly being honest with themselves and diving into their experimental side again. It’s less polished but still as punchy as always.  

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