SINGLE REVIEW: Matt Corby – All That I See

I’m increasingly becoming more and more intrigued to hear how Matt Corby’s second studio album ‘Rainbow Valley’ will sonically come together. So far his two singles ‘No Ordinary Life’ and ‘All Fired up’ have delivered dreamy and romantic soundscapes that have heard him experimenting and growing his evolving alternative sound. Stepping away from the folk roots ‘All That I See’ continues the soulful alternative-pop sound that he’s been exploring. The dreamy production has this doo-woop feel to it which also sounds like it should be in a retro soundtrack. However this is probably the least impactful of the three singles so far. Whist it’s different and has easy listening capabilities, it also doesn’t feel completely finished. Reflecting on the hypocritical choices that society continue to make, I felt like he could’ve explored this concept a little further instead of just scraping it at surface level. The most impactful lyrics come from the opening lines; “All that I see is beautiful faces smiling at me from the darkest of places. Praying for love with a gun in their hands”. That immediately paints a vivid picture in my head but from there the song gets a little lost and the imagery fades away. Instead it should have continued to grow and evolve and left the listener questioning their own social actions.