SINGLE REVIEW: Mariah Carey – With You

For her upcoming fifteenth studio album, Mariah Carey has stripped it back and returned to her roots. No longer is she trying to deliver a modern hip-hop influenced sound and instead she’s just decided to deliver mediocre RNB songs with flawless vocals instead. ‘With You’ follows ‘GTFO’s lead with it’s honest lyrics about heart break, confusion and love. Lead by a simple piano and a slow beat accompaniment she croons through this ballad. Her vocals sound natural, beautiful and like classic Mariah. They don’t sound forced nor do they sound strained like in other recent tracks. “And we all make mistakes sometimes but we muddle through. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Oh baby, I’m in love it’s true, with you”. She explores the complexities of love and the confusion that follows when you fall in love with someone even when you’re unsure whether they’re good for you or not. It’s a super honest track and whilst it does sound like a mediocre b-side, it is a track that original Mimi fans will love because of it’s simplicity.