SINGLE REVIEW: Maisie Peters – In My Head

Sometimes it’s just really hard to let go after falling in love with someone, spending so much time with them and imagining what your future may hold. And then when it ends half of you feels empty and confused whilst the other half is stilling holding on to that little bit of hope. Romantically, it’s usually that side of your brain that has a little bit more of a weight and you will find yourself thinking about them for longer than you should. Sadly, sometimes that person may move on quickly or not feel the same way that your body does so sometimes you’re just holding onto a ghost or a memory. And that is the experience Maisie Peters describes on her heartbreakingly beautiful new single, ‘In My Head’. The English singer-songwriter gently captivates you with this indie-pop ballad that begins with a soothing violin along with dreamy synths. As the song grows and builds with the incorporation of piano, drums and guitar, it has this wholesome and raw feel to it. Whilst it’s not country, it’s also not entirely all clean pop. There are a lot of influences incorporated that makes this song uniquely interesting. And do I even need to start on the lyrics? Because they will break you and also connect with you on a honest level. “Cause in my head, in my head, in my head, in my head I’m yours. And I should know better but I can’t forget, won’t forget how it was before. Oh it felt forever, baby”. It’s romantic and heart breaking at the same time and if you’ve been through a similar situation recently your heart will instantly relate to the confusing feelings.