SINGLE REVIEW: Jonas Blue feat. Liam Payne & Lennon Stella – Polaroid

Jonas Blue has had a couple of viral hits over the last year. He’s created some radio bangers that are a little generic but seemed to instantly resonate with mainstream media. The English producer has joined forces with Liam Payne and newcomer Lennon Stella for a new track which he hopes will also enter viral territory. ‘Polaroid’ is a catchy but predictable electronic meets dancehall influenced track that is ultimately cute but also a little forgettable. Liam Payne just doesn’t seem to catch a break with all of his songs falling a little flat in their delivery and this song also falls victim to that. Lyrically the song reminisces on early love and that infatuation that we all experience when we first fall for someone. As well as the mystery, confusion and questions that follow. “We took a Polaroid. You signed your name upon it, I put it in my wallet hoping I’d see your face again”. But where this song is let down is with it’s average production and overused tropical meet dancehall beat. It sounds like every other EDM track on the radio and that’s not a good thing. Also with both male and female vocals I was hoping for some contrast in their harmonies but that never happened. This song had a lot of potential and sadly it’s just floating somewhere in mediocre land next to The Chainsmokers ‘This Feeling’.