Debut singles are always a scary yet exciting thing because it’s the first time listeners get to form an opinion on your sound, style, songwriting and vocals as an artist. Whilst it’s obviously nerve racking releasing music in general, it’s also a very vulnerable thing as a rare piece of your soul is orbiting through sound waves and connecting with other people. Sadly some artists get too freaked out about this and release a “safe” or “hyper-commericialised” track as their debut single and it comes across a little faux. Luckily for Gold Coast singer-songwriter DVNA, she decided to take a risk and lay her groovy sound out on the line. ‘Girl On The Move’ is a strong and vibey alternative-pop affair that interpolates RNB influences. With a similar sonical style to the likes of Anderson .Paak, SZA and Jorja Smith she comes across strong and confident with this flowy sound. Her velvety tinged vocals takes you on a dreamy journey whilst a disco influenced synth pulsates you through the chorus. Lyrically she reflects on strong females and empowering characteristics that she realised her friends have. And it’s a very honest and low-key track that is elevated by her strong production and structural efforts. This is the first of what I hope will be many releases that continually showcase a strong and confident direction to who she wants to be as an artist.