LIVE REVIEW: Clare Bowen – The Tivoli 

“Don’t tell me I can’t sing this song, tell me that I’ve got it wrong cause this is where I belong” may have just been the perfect lyrics for Clare Bowen to open her Brisbane show with. As the Australian born singer-songwriter twirled across the stage she had everyone’s eyes locked on her. With feathers in her hair and a glittery sequinned dress she belted out the lyrics of the empowerful opener ‘My Song’ before diving into the country roots of ‘Lijah And The Shadow’ and ‘Doors And Corridors’. As she looked out to the beaming smiles of the intimate crowd at The Tivoli she had this calming sense of understanding as she candidly spoke about loss, self belief and hope. As well as celebrating the release of her debut album she also dived into the back catalogue of Nashville soundtrack favourites throughout the night. 

With a bit of an Australian meets American accent shining through her banter, she excitingly told the crowd that her parents were in attendance tonight and were proudly watching from the balcony. She introduced her next song ‘Aves Song’ by sharing the importance of self-love and self-reflection with the in-awe crowd with an experience she had where he best friend attempted suicide. “You are loved, you are precious and you are not alone” she passionately preached. From there the set got a little bit more light hearted and reflective wth songs like ‘Lullabye’, ‘Little By Little’, ‘Longer’ and ‘Black Roses’. She introduced her husband Brandon Robert Young who performed ‘Run And Hide’ before she introduced her little brother who performed ‘From Here On Out’ which he actually wrote for Deacons character from the hit TV show. When she asked the crowd “Anyone here watch the show Nashville?”, the crowd ecstatically responded and she graciously took in the massive response. It was quite cool seeing her give the spotlight to her members of the band whilst she just sat on the floor and watched in awe along with the crowd. It had this really humbling feeling which made you appreciate her even more. 

‘All The Beds I’ve Made’, ‘Warrior’, ‘When The Right One Comes Along’ and ‘Tide Rolls In’ followed before she wrapped up the show with ‘Telescope’ and unreleased favourite ‘Who Hid The Whiskey’. Her storytelling throughout the night was so intimate and special and made this show feel so unique. You felt like you had gotten to know her on a deeper level and were just sitting in a lounge room with her whilst she was performing. She was no longer just a TV star or musician, she felt like a long lost friend. She empowered with her stories of survival and hope through her rare sickness and her loved up antics with her husband on stage which had you swooning every time they sneakily kissed. Returning to the stage briefly, she performed a new original track which she dedicated to all the long-term Nashville fans before the song ‘A Life That’s Good’ that really doesn’t need a introduction to her fans. 

Whilst the show was very intimate in size, it also felt intimate in heart because she really gave you her all and gave you a very raw and honest delivery. After all, Country music is all about storytelling, but she went above and beyond. 

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Photos by Tam Schilling 


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