INTERVIEW: Faithless

Faithless are one of electronic music’s biggest names. The English trio pioneered the sound that took over the clubs in the late 90’s and continued to reinvent themselves in the early 2000’s. This saw them touring the globe countless times and headlining some of the biggest festivals. Songs like ‘Insomnia’, ‘God Is A DJ’, ‘We Come 1’ and ‘Salva Mea’ are still current staples in nightclubs and are pure favourites with electronic fans. Founding member Sister Bliss will be returning to Australia and New Zealand for the first time in 10 years for an exclusive run of club shows where she will be performing an exciting Faithless DJ set. She will be touching base in Sydney on December 2 at the Ivy Nightclub with tickets on sale now. 

I recently chatted to Sister Bliss about her upcoming first visit to Australia in 10 years, how electronic music has evolved over her time in the industry and find out if a full band reunion of Faithless is on the cards. Check it out HERE;

TB: You’re coming to Australia this December for some exclusive DJ shows including the Ivy Courtyard in Sydney. So what can your fans expect from these live shows? Will you be testing out any new material or some sneaky unreleased tracks?

SB: My radio show ‘Sister Bliss in Session’ keeps me on top of new music, so I’ll definitely be dropping some very upfront tunes. And of course I’ll be playing some Faithless classics! I may even drop some unreleased music too. 

TB: It has been 10 years since you have last been to Australia. What is one of your favourite touring memories from your time here?

SB: I was in Australia with the band in 2011 for Good Vibrations festival which was awesome. One particular memory from that visit was being at a party for all the artists in the promoter’s stunning garden in Rose Bay. Aloe Blacc and some other amazing musicians were playing live and then we were whisked off to the hotel in a white Bentley! I haven’t been in one since so maybe I should ask for one on my rider *laughs*. 

TB: It has been 23 years since you formed Faithless with Maxxi Jazz and Rollo. So reflecting back on your career now what would you say was the craziest or proudest moment?

SB: Its impossible to say really. There have been many crazy moments. I think one proud moment worth mentioning was when our fourth album ‘No Roots’ went to number one. With the first single being ‘Mass Destruction’, it was quite a departure from the club anthems we are mostly known for and lyrically one of the best things Maxi has ever written. Sadly the message is still just as relevant today. It was also a struggle to convince the record company not to put out a greatest hits record at the time. I felt we had only just begun our musical journey and it was premature. There was a big opposition to that. Record companies are all about bottom line after all, but I stood my ground. So the number one position for ‘No Roots’ then felt particularly vindicating.

TB: Over the past 23 years, how have you found that the electronic music scene has changed ? And did you ever find there being a pressure to adapt to the evolving trends? 

SB: Its changed hugely. It is a global concern generating billions of dollars of revenue now. It is also very aspirational now, which it really wasn’t to begin with. And of course as the technology has got cheaper, it’s become more accessible and in turn there is so much more music around. It’s a very tough market now in which to achieve some kind of visibility. I think the pressure for me is always internal. Can we do better? Or explore something differently than we have before? I think we have operated outside of trends in some way and I think having our own little corner in music has contributed to our longevity.

TB: You’ve written some massive songs which have uniquely become big moments/influences in the EDM scene. So when you were creating these tracks was there a special energy when you finished them that made you feel like they were going to be different/big?

SB: It was impossible to know. Only once I had started road testing the music did it become apparent what was working and what wasn’t. For example, we did seventeen versions of ‘We Come 1’ before we got the arrangement right. But when 3000 Dutch kids at the legendary Amsterdam club ‘Kremlin’ started singing the riff the second time it comes in and they’d never heard it before, we knew we had something with that big potential!

TB: Faithless said goodbye with a farewell show in 2011, but have you discussed with the other members about possibly reuniting for some shows or new music in the future? 

SB: We did a smaller 20 year anniversary tour in 2015/16, so actually more recently which was just fantastic. We had released our 2.0 remix album which went to number one and it had really re-invigorated our fanbase, and introduced us to a whole new generation. With mixes from the likes of Aviiici, Tiesto, Booka Shade, Claptone and many more it felt really relevant and exciting to be back out there. I’d love to do more live shows but unfortunately it’s not up to me!

TB: You are a regular on the electronic touring circuit, and have been playing a lot of live shows. So what is next for you? Are you working on releasing solo original music? 

SB: We are woking on a new Faithless album hopefully to be released in 2019, so watch this space!

TB: Over the years Faithless have had many global hit singles but where is the weirdest place you’ve heard one of your songs played?

SB: A friend texted me to say that they heard one while up a mountain in a mountain hut in Katmandu! I also heard ‘We Come 1’ as I walked into the stage version of “Trainspotting” which gave me goosebumps!

TB: So, let’s play a little game when you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind.  

SB: Okay!

TB: Most people think I…

SB: Rock!

TB: The emoji that best describes me is…

SB: The upside down smiley face

TB: My morning pump up song is…

SB: M.I.A’s ‘Bad Girls’. 

TB: If I could have any superpower it would be…

SB: To speak every language 

TB: My favourite to eat while on tour is…  

SB: Avocado 


Faithless (DJ Set) Tour Dates

December 1 – The Court, Perth

December 2 – Ivy Courtyard, Sydney

December 6 – San FranBath House, Wellington

December 7 – Studio, Auckland

December 9 – Revolver, Melbourne

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