SINGLE REVIEW: Sody – Maybe It Was Me

2018 has been a really quiet year for London singer-songwriter Sody but after a long break writing the seventeen year old has returned with another heartbreaking ballad. ‘Maybe It Was Me’ is a self reflective track that looks at a break up and the thought process behind realising that maybe you were at fault for the demise. It’s a very dark and honest track that will have you feeling really emotional and diving into your own insecurities. We are so quick to blame someone else when something comes to an end that it is very uncommon that we actually take ownership for what we’ve done. But she takes the blame upon herself and realises that she may have had a big part in this break up. “Cause maybe it was me, I just couldn’t see, but maybe it was me who fucked it up. Or maybe it was us, so helpless and young, or maybe everything was all my fault”. The simplistic ballad has swooping piano keys intertwined with plucking strings that will have your heart feeling so many thing. The fact she is only seventeen years old is still so crazy to me. But it’s also exciting that we have artists like her and Billie Eilish creating such incredible and vulnerable music that a lot of your mainstream pop faves could/would never release.