SINGLE REVIEW: Jess Glynne – 123

Jess Glynne seems to continue to play it safe. We know the girl can sing. We know the girl has a groovy soul sound. But all of her songs from her forthcoming sophomore studio album are becoming to sound exactly the same. ‘123’ is a forgettable and predictable pop moment that you will probably mistake for her first single on a first listen. The diversity is limited and I really wanted to love it but there was just nothing to hold onto. It sounds like it could have been a b-side from Jessie J’s debut album with it’s soulful pop vibe and basic lyrics. “1, 2, 3, add it up. You plus me, that’s enough”. She sings about wanting to be enough for someone and just wanting them to take a risk on her and it’s cute and relatable but the delivery is a little flat. It just sounds like a typical Jess Glynne song and doesn’t really surprise me or make me think it’s special which is a shame cause she is insanely talented.