I’m just going to say it. Cyrus is probably the most underrated winner of X Factor Australia. The versatile singer-songwriter has only released a couple of songs since winning the reality TV show Juggernaut in 2015 but with every release he continues to show a growth and maturity in his writing and production. His newest single ‘Blah’ is an experimental alt-pop track that steers away from the RNB sound he was manifesting earlier. It’s a playful track that hears him experimenting with synths, vocal styles and production structures and creating something really fun and memorable. He reflects on social norms and the pressures we all face whilst trying to fit in and trying to figure out who we are as people. “Retracing my footsteps from when I followed the crowd. All the words I swallowed I wish I said aloud. Wear my heart on my sleeve cause I’m not scared of honesty. I’m still doing, doing me”. He doesn’t hold back with his lyrical delivery, offering something a little sassy, direct and ultimately catchy. He’s always been quite experimental but this song steps out of his comfort zone and really submerges himself in the DIY elements. This is an exciting re-introduction to who he is as an artist and will have you vibing instantly.