In June last year Lakyn re-launched his music career with an experimental and progressive new sound that heard him citing influences from Ed Sheeran, Drake and Matt Corby. After a 15 month wait and a whole lot of touring he has finally released his reflective EP ‘& Pains’. The six track collection is a great representation of who he is as an artist now and showcases his impressive growth. The tracks are a vivid self-discovery experience that hears him questioning life, relationships and reminiscing. The singles ‘View Looks So Good’ and ‘West’ are lead by groovy guitars with a hip-hop influenced beat intertwined which gave his sound a whole new depth. Later this week Lakyn will be kicking off a massive east coast headlining tour which will see him playing the EP in full for the first time. He will be hitting up Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as heading over to New Zealand in November for a one-off show in Auckland.

I recently chatted to Lakyn about his experimental new sound, his upcoming headlining tour and his growth as an artist. Check it out HERE;

TB: Your new EP ‘& Pains’ hears you heading towards an experimental new sound. So what was inspiring you while you were in the studio?

L: I’m inspired by all the greats, who I think already made music how it’s supposed to be made which is honest and true to their soul no matter what anyone said. From the likes of Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Bon Iver, Kanye West and Frank Ocean. I’m taking what they taught me and applying it to my life and the world as it is now and trying to make something fresh in respect to what my idols already started.

TB: There has been quite a bit of time between releases for you and we have seen quite a sonical change. So why did you decide to have a long break and do you think that influenced your musical change?

L: It was never a decision, more so just something that needed to happen. I was living my life and getting inspired by my experiences, making friends, travelling and re-learning how to enjoy life like I did when I was a kid. I’d say this is really the first time that I’ve shared music that completely represents me, it feels good having nothing to hide.

TB: What would you say is the most vulnerable moment for you on the EP?

L: It would have to be ‘Soldier’! It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written.

TB: Reflecting back now on your first EP ‘Better Than That’ what would you say is the strongest and weakest thing about it? 

L: At the time I hadn’t really studied myself or seen the world all that much. I think I was just writing what was on my mind as a 19 year old and I really felt comfortable within the barriers of acoustic/folk. The strongest would have to be that I was expressing who I was at the time and the weakest would be that I was still very inexperienced.

TB: You’re going to be hitting the road at the end of the month for a massive headlining tour. What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

L: I’m looking forward to playing all the songs on the EP now that everyone has been able to listen and interpret them in their own way. I know everyone’s going to have a different experience purely based on that. I’m also going to play some unreleased stuff that I’m really excited about.

TB: What new song are you most excited or nervous to perform live?

L: I’m excited to play ‘Slumdog’! My drummer Gareth and I have a bit of fun playing that one. I don’t think I’m nervous at all anymore, it’s all just pure excitement.

TB: You’ve done a lot of touring over the past couple of years so what has been one of your favourite or funniest touring memories? 

L: It would probably have something to do with eating and in large quantities. You spend a lot of time travelling and food isn’t always accessible so when I find a food platter in the green room with sandwiches cut into quarters, lord knows I’m not keeping count *laughs*.

TB: As we mentioned before, you’ve done a lot of touring in Australia and are quite active in the local scene. So who is one of your favourite new artists that you think we should check out? 

L: Maribelle! We hung out and wrote a few songs together earlier this year and she’s such a rad chick. I think she has just dropped a couple of songs as well, so check her out!

TB: So, let’s play a little game where you answer these questions with the first thing that comes to mind.  

L: Okay!

TB: Most people think I…

L: Chose the thug life.

TB: The emoji that best describes me is…

L:  The eyes rolled with a little sweat drop *laughs*

TB: My morning pump up song is…

L: Stevie Wonder’s ‘Loves Light In Flight’.

TB: If I could have any superpower it would be…

L: To fly! I could go anywhere at anytime without traffic.

TB: My favourite food to eat while on tour is…  

L: Fruit… but it’s actually burgers, but I need to change that so let’s just say fruit


Lakyn & Pains Australian Tour

Thursday 27th September – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Friday 28th September – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Thursday 4th October – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Friday 2nd November – Whammy Bar – Auckland



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