SINGLE REVIEW: MO – Imaginary Friend

A little while ago MO was one of my favourite newcomers. It seemed like she couldn’t do anything wrong. Her songs were total bangers, they topped the charts and were hard to get out of your head. But recently she’s become a little bit predictable. Her songs are now mediocre at best and her infectious hooks are a little retired. Sadly her new single ‘Imaginary Friend’ is no different and offers something a little generic. The beat just seems to go no where and stays at the same tone the whole way through. The lyrics are enticing but they are also they only cool thing about the song. “Just watch me with your hands. Let my body be on your breath”. In saying that this song is a little more polished and catchy compared to her previous releases which were totally forgettable. This one is just a little forgettable. So I guess that’s an improvement?