SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Gray – My Hands

Jack Gray may just be one of Australia’s best kept secrets right now. Well, hopefully not for too long. The Sunshine Coast based singer-songwriter and producer is no stranger to the road and is currently touring Europe with Dean Lewis and Eliott where he is swooning crowds with his chill indie-pop. His new single ‘My Hands’ hears him evolving massively from his early tracks ‘Jumper On You’ and ‘Red Rental Car’. For this song he heads towards a polished indie-pop sound that experiments further with his electronic influences. Citing sonical similarities to the likes of Troye Sivan, it’s not surprising that this song has already received a lot hype because it really is a born hit. Reflecting on a relationship where he realises they aren’t the one he decides he can’t let go because of their intimate connection. “She took my head when she took my hands”. The song begins with a pulsating synth beat intertwined with a groovy guitar riff before exploding in the chorus with this euphoric upscaling. From a first listen you can’t help but be absolutely captivated by the shear grooviness of the production. His vocals are so smooth and perfectly highlight this funky and fun sound. It really does show a massive growth from his early releases and hears him finding his feet.