SINGLE REVIEW: CYN – I’ll Still Have Me

After a brief chance encounter with Katy Perry, CYN’s life changed forever. After hearing the Michigan singer-songwriters magical voice, Perry immediately signed her and ever since has been releasing some electronic driven and emotional tinged tracks. But now she is stripping it all back with the heartbreaking and beautiful ballad ‘I’ll Still Have Me’. The vulnerable track hears her grieving the end of a relationship and whilst she is heartbroken she remembers that at the end of the day she still has herself. “If I don’t have you at least I’ll still have me”. She also briefly questions what would have happened if things played out differently which is a thought anyone who has been heartbroken can easily relate to. “Maybe in another life everything worked out alright. And things that made this harder passed us by”. The production is very simple with a lonely guitar crooning through the first verse accompanied by her soft harmonies before some strings begin to float through. It has this very ambient meets cinematic feel to it which will captivate you instantly. The heartbreaking lyrics will have you falling in love with yourself and will help turn the negative of a break up into a self love positivity. Her vocals are magical and have this slight Lily Allen flare to her soft melodies. This song is so heartbreaking and stunning at the same time and I can’t stop listening to it.