SINGLE REVIEW: Aidan Alexander – I Don’t Love You

Music is something Aidan Alexander has always openly talked about doing and after what has seemed like a long wait, the 18 year old actor and online personality has finally released his debut single. ‘I Don’t Love You’ is an emotional coming of age electro-ballad that hears the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter finding his sound. Citing influence from Troye Sivan, this moody synth filled track reflects on not being in love with someone but still caring about them so much that you don’t want to hurt them. “All the right things still feel wrong. Still feel wrong, still feel wrong. You need someone I can’t become, I’m not the one”. The heartfelt and honest lyrics will hit you right in the stomach and have you feeling this conflicting pain that he describes. The lyrics hit very close to home, as I’ve spent the last year in the same situation with my best friend but instead I’ve been on the receiving end. So the moody atmosphere and honest approach are very relatable and will have you feeling all the emotions even if you haven’t found yourself in a similar situation. His dreamy vocals showcase a raw ability to capture pure emotion and again hold onto a essence which is similar to Troye Sivan. This is a very strong debut from Aidan Alexander and with his EP due by the end of the year I have a feeling he’s going to have us feeling very emotional again soon.