EP REVIEW: Noah Cyrus – Good Cry

With the release of her debut single ‘Make Me (Cry)’, Noah Cyrus was tipped to become one of pop’s biggest newcomers. She followed up that monster of a song with some experimentally catchy indie-pop tracks but as of recently she’s become a little more chilled out. Her pop influences are becoming less and less while she steers towards a soulful and moody RNB sound. Whilst her debut album hangs in limbo her debut EP ‘Good Cry’ delivers a maturity beyond her years. The 6 track collection is heartbreakingly beautiful and honest. Lead single ‘Mad At You’ feat Gallant is a gospel inspired moment that hears her SINGING. Whilst title track ‘Good Cry’ is a sweet doo-woop song that describes heartbreak and the loneliness that follows. She has this rare ability to transport you through her soft vocals and will have you living in that moment. It then leads into the romantic ‘Punches’ which is all about devotion, no matter how toxic the situation may be. “Love can beat us black and blue but darling, I’ll take the punches for you”. But from there the rest of the EP is mediocre at best and incredibly forgettable. ‘Where Have You Been?’, ‘Sadness’ and ‘Topanga’ show glimpses of potential but through their weak production and delivery you won’t be clicking replay on them any time soon. Instead you will keep going back to the other three tracks because they showcase a whole lot of growth and emotion. With this EP she may be hinting that her pop sound is over and instead she wants to become the new mainstream Billie Eilish. Can she pull it off? Only time will tell.