EP REVIEW: Kira Puru – Kira Puru

Kira Puru has been kicking around the Australian music scene for a little while now, collaborating with some massive names and delivering some funky live shows. The super talented singer-songwriter has finally released her debut self-titled EP which showcases her quirky and unique style of songwriting. After witnessing Kira Puru live a couple of times I can safely say that she is something special. Her confidence and stage presence is so different and will have you instantly captivated. The way her songs come to life when she’s on stage is so cool. Sadly the studio versions don’t exactly reflect the same energy her live show delivers but they do highlight her raw talent. Singles ‘Tension’ and ‘Molotov’ are both groovy fusions of pop and electronica that will have your toes tapping along. But new track ‘Say Something’ is the EP’s shining moment. This gritty pop gem is driven by a slick baseline and offers a completely different sound to what you’ve already heard from her. She is someone who has always been a little quirky so the hilarious ‘Fly’ will have you smiling from ear to ear while she sings about having sex on a plane. Yep, she really does sing about that. This song has been a fan favourite in her live set for a little while now and hears her serving pure attitude. Slowing things down slightly for the EP closer ‘Alone’, she offers a moody grower that has a groovy hook driven by a funky bass. The sound reminds me of fellow Australian singer-songwriter Asta with the structure and vocal delivery. This little 5 track collection plays as a nice little introduction to who Kira Puru is as an artist. The songs are extremely well written but they really have been created to experience live and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed when you witness her. The songs are good but her live show is next level.