SINGLE REVIEW: Ruby Fields – Dinosaurs 

After the release of her debut EP ‘Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner’ earlier this year, Ruby Fields is back with a honest and captivating new single. ‘Dinosaurs’ hears the indie rock singer-songwriter returning with a stripped back track that hears her talking about her fears and some realisations she’s made about her own self confidence. She compares herself to when she was a kid with the lack of imagination and belief she has in herself now. “I used to love dinosaurs when I was a kid. I wasn’t afraid, I was brave and courageous with everything I did”. She shadows it with some vivid storytelling that has your mind absolutely immersed in the world she’s describing. The lyrics hit close to home with realisations behind society norms and what we are now used to. “I’m scared of the fact I’ve been to more funerals in my life than weddings. Yeah, I’ve lost some close mates of mine”. The song takes you on a journey through it’s soft electric guitar filled verses and vulnerable hook right up to the end of the song where she bursts in with a full a band and elevates the emotion one more notch. This song is simple, beautiful and captivating. It’s honest and shows a very vulnerable side of her whilst still incorporating her quirky sense of storytelling.