LIVE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza – Brisbane Festival

Turning up the volume and bringing the heat to the Spiegeltent at Brisbane Festival, Tkay Maidza did not disappoint the excited Saturday night crowd. Running out to the reggae influenced vibes of ‘Big Things’ from her new EP ‘Last Year Was Weird’ she set the bar high by serving a whole lot of energy and attitude. She quickly got acquainted with the crowd by asking them how they were and educated them how to properly respond. Teaching them to scream “Bitch, I’m Good” every time she asked, they hysterically obliged and Maidza couldn’t help but laugh every time. Slowing things down for a moment with the soothing ‘Lullabies’ she went straight back into her long-term fan favourites ‘Uh-Huh’, ‘M.O.B’ and ‘Do It Right’. This show really highlighted her versatility as an artist with the upbeat dance songs from her back catalogue perfectly intertwining with the moody and honest hip-hop sound her new EP showcases. 

Basenji collaboration ‘Mistakes’ was a early favourite as the crowd sung in unison to the euphoric hook before grooving along to the Hoodboi track ‘Glide’. Talking back and forth to the crowd she continued to thank them for turning up after what seemed like such a long break between projects. “I really had no idea how many people would turn. I was scared I was going to play to like 20 people” she graciously confessed. But she didn’t have anything to fear about because the tent filled up and her passionate fans were loving every moment. Momentarily slowing things down again with the honest new tracks ‘Growing Up’ and White Rose’ her face lit up as she saw everyone singing along to every word and lighting their phones up to show a sea of faces. 

To coincide with her new aesthetic the stage was draped with white roses, fake plants and trophies to bring her ‘Last Year Was Weird’ world to life. She was joined on stage by drummer Tim Commandeur (formerly from your favourite mid 2000’s band Operator Please) and DJ, Godlands who has currently been slaying all your favourite Australian festivals. Tied all together by a colourful light show, she had you visually hooked as she ran across the stage, climbed speakers and jumped like there was no tomorrow. ‘Switch Lanes’, ‘Simulation’ and the aggressively fun unreleased track ‘Awake’ had the crowd bouncing along with her. But then it was time she she regrettably said goodnight by playing her recent single ‘Flexin’. As she walked off stage it was apparent that the Brisbane crowd had not had enough as they chanted and screamed to see her one last time. As she reappeared she confessed that she didn’t have any other songs scheduled in the set but she was so overwhelmed by the reaction that she asked if they would like her to play ‘Flexin’ one more time. They obviously said yes and she ran around the stage one last time and had the crowd feeling high from the energy. 

Delivering an unforgettable live show, Tkay Maidza proved why she is one of Australia’s most sought after new live performers. It was special, intimate and a whole lot of euphoric fun. 

Check out the groovy full gallery captured by The Raveyard Photography HERE; 

Photos by Blake Lewis 



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