SINGLE REVIEW: Mansionair – Falling

Australian indie-pop trio Mansionair have returned with the dreamy new single ‘Falling’ which hears them stripping it all back again. This moody track takes away the electronic influence their last couple of singles have fronted and have heard them returning to their simple and moody alternative production. And I’m not complaining because this song is simply beautIful. The anthemic song builds this wavy production of pure emotion and heart through soothing vocals and this pulsating beat intertwined with guitar strums. “I try to reach for the ceiling. Scared that I’m letting you down cause I’m so caught up on this feeling”. This tracks reflects on the mistakes we make in our lives, accepting the highs and the lows and the importance of holding onto loved ones. And through the dramatic building this song perfectly eombides all of that. From a first listen you will entranced in this reflective and romantic world that Mansionair deliver.