SINGLE REVIEW: Khalid – Better

By now I really do expect a lot more from Khalid. His debut album ‘American Teen’ was an impressive introduction into this very vulnerable and groovy world that Khalid lives in. So really he did this to himself because he set the bar high. Sadly his new single ‘Better’ from his forthcoming sophomore record is a little on the snooze worthy radar. The moody RNB song that dabbles in hip-hop beats is a little monotonous and I think that really does come down to the vocal production. He could have been a lot more vulnerable vocally and showcased a more honest delivery but instead there is a lot of auto-tune and reverb happening. The song reflects on the ups and downs of a relationship and the importance of always being there for each other. “We don’t gotta hide it, this is what you like, I’ll admit. Nothing feels better than this”. With the sweet and reflective storyline I did expect it to be more in-depth and emotional but instead he just skims over the surface. It feels rushed and effortless and not in a good way. I wanted to be swooned by his smooth vocals and dreaming of this unconditional love but I was left a little bored and unimpressed.