SINGLE REVIEW: Jess Kent – Girl

Relocating to Los Angeles may have been one of the best things Jess Kent could have ever done for herself. The Sydney singer-songwriter hit a peak after opening for Coldplay on their massive Australian stadium tour and she could’ve easily just released an album in the moment and did some more touring but she decided to take a break and work on her sound. This experience saw her jet-setting off to America where she teamed up with one of pop music’s most exciting songwriters, Justin Tranter. The two worked on her forthcoming debut album and have got a shiny new sound that is finally ready to be heard. ‘Girl’ is an exciting pop tune that hears her voicing a commentary on the expectations society places on women. “Congratulations. Welcome to the world, you’re a girl. Living in the land of expectations. Welcome to the world. You’re a girl, you’re a girl”. This track is a lot more cohesive and stronger than her previous two hype tracks and hears her returning to a pop dominated production. It’s a lot smoother and has this cool experimental synth beat that explodes with light drums and a groovy guitar riff. The lyrics are really honest and have this tongue and cheek attitude mixed in which reminds me of Lily Allen. “Sell me like I’m a drug. Cause apparently I’m only here to get you up”. She will command your attention immediately and have you feeling empowered, liberated and ready to dance at the same time. This is by far one of her strongest pop moments yet. So, get ready.