ALBUM REVIEW: Mitch James – Mitch James

Stepping into the mainstream spotlight earlier this year with ’21’, Mitch James instantly made himself a newcomer that you wanted to get acquainted with. Citing comparisons from Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes, the New Zealand singer-songwriter impressed with his evolving alternative pop production and reflective storytelling. His debut self-titled album ties this project together with fourteen incredibly written and honest tracks full of heart and sweet melodies. Originating from his acoustic guitar some of the songs evolved into soothing ballads and others turned into pop-rock moments reminiscent of early Maroon 5. ‘Old News’, ‘Can’t Help Myself’ and ‘It Ain’t Helping’ are some of these groovier moments that bring a different vibe to his live show. Whilst the emotional ‘Apologise’, ‘No Getting Older’ and ‘No Fixed Abode’ are more vulnerable and simple in their delivery. The honest ‘Bright Blue Skies’ will instantly become a favourite with it’s vivid storytelling that will take you back to a time where you were heartbroken but realised it was for the best and that the person was actually just holding you down instead of lifting you up. “I thought you were the one for me but I was wrong. I can see the bright blue skies now that you’re gone. I don’t need a goddamn thing from anyone”. From here it’s the coming of age heartbreak track ‘All The Ways To Say Goodbye’ that highlights his growth and maturity as a songwriter before wrapping the album up with two of his earliest releases ‘Move On’ and ‘Saving Time’. Throughout the whole album he is consistent in delivering strong hooks with captivating storylines that have you instantly immersed. His songs are simple but effective with their swooning ability and memorable moments. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘Mitch James’ from Sanity now


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