ALBUM REVIEW: David Guetta – 7

Over the last year and a half David Guetta has been turning out singles like there is no tomorrow. Some were memorable and some were a little forgettable and that’s where his simply titled seventh studio album ‘7’ safely lands. It’s a little hit and miss with moments of electronic fun mixed in with moments of forgettable beat drops. ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ feat Anne-Marie is a cute opening track that grows on you with each listen and gives you a radio ready hook at the same time. He goes into the slightly forgettable ‘Battle’ feat Faouzia and Flames’ feat Sia before delivering the surprising minimalist dance track ‘Blame It On Love’. The unexpected collaboration with Madison Beer is carefree, cute and fun and that’s what he seems to do best at the moment. ‘Say My Name’ feat Bebe Rexha is an obvious choice for the next single as it incorporates a very different, memorable and weird beat drop. I still want to pretend his Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj collaboration ‘Goodbye’ doesn’t exist but I also hate to admit that the gimmicky hook is slowly growing on me. Harder dance track ‘I’m That Bitch’ feat Saweetie and ‘Like I Do’ feat Martin Garrix highlights that he hasn’t totally become a ‘pop only’ producer.  But ‘She Knows How To Love Me’ feat Jess Glynne and ‘2U’ feat Justin Bieber are examples of cool pop tracks before the rest of the album is left in a confusing and forgettable hip-hop dance territory. Except for the closing Sia track ‘Light Headed’ which hears like every track they’ve ever done which makes me question why they keep collaborating. 

The second disc of instrumental production from his alias Jack Back is a little over the top and didn’t really need to be added as it makes this listening experience way too long with 27 tracks needed to be listened to. And lets be real, no one has time for that. 

You can purchase a physical copy of ‘7’ from Sanity now




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