After strangely cancelling her Australian tour for a second time, Mariah Carey is back with a new single to coincide with the re-launch of her Vegas residency and her upcoming Asia tour. ‘GTFO’ is a sassy track dedicated to an ex-lover which tells them to, well, get the fuck out of her life. It’s a playful side that we haven’t heard from Carey in a little while and is a welcomed return compared to her predictable recent singles. However whilst she is more playful on this track, the production is a little bland. It just doesn’t seem to go anywhere or allow her vocals to be showcased in their over-the-top way that they usually are. I really wanted there to be a cool breakdown that just saw her changing pace or doing something a little less predictable but instead she just played it safe. The simple production is reminiscent to her 80’s RNB days and whilst it is nostalgic, I did expect more from her. After all, she is a diva. But the lyrics are so honest and sassy and will have you living amongst this over dramatic storyline. “My friends all saw it in your eyes. They told me once, they told me twice. I looked beyond all the signs. I guess fool’s love makes you blind”.