SINGLE REVIEW: Janet Jackson feat. Daddy Yankee – Made For Now 

Janet Jackson is back with her first single in 2 years with the infectious and Latin inspired ‘Made For Now’. The uplifting song hears her delivering a catchy and radio ready hook that pays homage to living in the present. “If you’re livin’ for the moment. Don’t stop, and celebrate the feeling”. The production serves a fresh afrobeat with dancehall influences and a Latin pop polish that ties it all together. Apart from her Missy Elliott collaboration ‘BurnItUp!’ this is the most commercially friendly we have heard Janet in a long time. This song has the potential to climb the US charts and join heavy rotation on mainstream radio because of it’s retro feel. However I do have to ask whether she has missed the timeline on the new-wave Latin pop sound? Because, has it become overused? Are we over that trend? I guess we will soon find out but she does freshen it up with a slick afrobeat that will have you grooving along to her soulful and slick vocals.