EP REVIEW: Lakyn – & Pains

In June last year Lakyn re-launched his music career with an experimental and progressive new sound that heard him taking influences from Ed Sheeran, Drake and Matt Corby. After a 15 month wait and a whole lot of touring he has finally released his reflective EP ‘& Pains’. The six track collection is a great representation of who he is as an artist now and showcases his growth along with a vivid self discovery. EP opener and lead single ‘View Looks So Good’ amps it up with an electrified and fulfilled sound that implements his dreamy vocals with his prominent guitar roots. ‘Sweet Days’ then hears him reflecting on the past and how its important to live in the present and not dwell too much on what has happened. The production continues the electronic meets acoustic sound which compliments the RNB influence that ‘West’ had. This song is the EP’s biggest grower and hears him reflecting on his self worth and always pushing himself to do and be better. “Wandering west in the wild I pack my bags and my notebook. Heading out on my own, write some words I can take home”. From there the EP shifts towards a more electronic delivery with the moody ‘Slumdog’ which will become an instant fan favourite. ‘First Impressions’ is a little too gimmicky with it’s synth beats and pushes him out of his comfort zone sonically. Wrapping up the EP with the dark ‘Solider’ he pays homage to his grandfather with a touching tribute. This EP is very experimental but it also comfortably hears him finding his sound as an artist. Prepare to swoon and vibe.