EP REVIEW: Eliott – Bold Enough

Late last year Eliott introduced herself with the stunning debut single ‘Figure It Out’ and then she followed it up with the beautiful and heartbreaking ‘Over & Over’ which cemented her as a voice you need to listen to. After the success of her intimate showcases at BigSound the Melbourne singer-songwriter has finally released her debut EP. ‘Bold Enough’ is a simple and poignant release that captures the emotional heartbreak her vocals and vulnerable storytelling offer. After the calming and intimate lead singles, ‘Calling’ delivers a stripped back sound that doesn’t rely on production to captivate you as a listener. She just allows her vocals to take you on an emotional journey of heartbreak with soaring high notes and beautiful vocal runs that showcase so much vulnerability. ‘Close To Me’ and ‘So Tired’ continue the piano led production that are quite simple but also have a very grand sound to them at the same time. EP closer ‘Photographs’ welcomes a jazz inspired guitar strumming that shows a nice experimentation. She’s an artist you will be really intrigued by because of her simplicity. She somehow manages to command your attention and have you listening so attentively to every lyric without all the bells and whistles. However I did want to hear something a little more bold because the best song on the EP is ‘Over And Over’ so she does seem to peak pretty early.