Along with the announcement that their second studio album ‘Malibu Nights’ will be released on October 5, LANY have also released their ultimately vibey third single ‘Thick And Thin’. The Californian trio are really channeling high-key emotions for this record with lead singer Paul Klein opening up about his break-up with Dua Lipa. This track is also the first song on the album and perfectly introduces the storyline with him questioning how she walked out on him so easily. “You say you’re not in love no more but was it really love if you can leave me for something so innocent”. The lyrics are heartbreakingly honest and hears him questioning and trying to make sense of everything that happened. He reflects on their relationship and the belief that they really would be together forever. “Thought you’d be there through thick and thin”. The heartbreaking lyrics are complimented by a moody and vibey synth delivery which gives you sun-soaked vibes. It’s the perfect soundtrack to a break-up as it’s uplifting enough to get you out of your room but also reflective enough to cry to. This album is really shaping up to be one emotional and must listen to indie-pop record for 2018.