SINGLE REVIEW: Lana Del Rey – Mariners Apartment Complex

Lana Del Rey has made a career out of vulnerable and moody songs that romanticise the hopelessness we sometimes feel in our lives. Her 2019 sixth studio album will see her continuing her reflective sound and hears her teaming up with Grammy Award winning producer Jack Antonoff who has also worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Lorde and P!nk. The first single ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ perfectly captures the end of the American summer blues by embodying a fusion of sadness and romance. She reflects on the way a lover can misinterpret who you are and the way you act as a sign of weakness. “You took my sadness out of context at the Mariners apartment complex. I ain’t no candle in the wind”. She gracefully sings over the light guitar and piano ballad with the accompaniment of swooping strings. The production is quite minimalist but that’s what makes this song sound so grand and strong because she just allows her breathey vocal delivery to take centre stage. “They mistook my kindness for weakness. I fucked up, I know that, but Jesus, can’t a girl just do the best she can? “. This is a song that her long-term fans will love and will help them get through the long wait until the full album. She also dropped a beautiful and simple black and white video that compliments the moody vibe.