Its been four years since MKTO released their self-titled debut album and simultaneously disappeared from the mainstream scene. Their follow up EP was met with an underwhelming response and signalled a long hiatus while they took some time to work on other projects. Now the dynamic duo are back and they’ve returned with the same old pop sound that they left you with. It’s a formula that has obviously worked for them in the past but there’s just so many times that they can get away with recycling the same sound over and over again. ‘How Can I Forget’ is (excuse the pun), forgetful. While it may be catchy and easy to bop along to in the moment, the sad truth is that it’s nothing special or different. It comfortably sits somewhere in-between their other material and doesn’t really hear them evolving much from 2014. The lyrics are very simple and reflects on a old fling that has moved on and he’s wishing she was back in his life. “How can I forget you? I was dreaming you were standing there wearing my t-shirt. Wishing that you could still be here”. It has that nostalgic mid 2010’s RNB meets pop sound that I am kind of missing on radio at the moment but I just wish it was something a little more memorable and special.