SINGLE REVIEW: Matt Corby – All Fired Up

Following the release of his dreamy new single ‘No Ordinary Life’, Matt Corby has announced that his highly anticipated sophomore studio album ‘Rainbow Valley’ will finally be released on November 2. To coincide with the announcement he’s released another new single which hears him stripping back the psychedelic influenced production and just delivering soulful vocals and beautiful piano melodies. ‘All Fired Up’ is a moody ballad that explores the inner struggles we sometimes suffer and that one person who can instantly make you feel better and safe from those thoughts. “I never miss you until I know you won’t be coming home so tell me that you’re coming home”. There is a true romantic and honest side to it which will have you reminiscing and reflecting on past and current relationships and people in your life. “I wanna know what gets you all fired up. Cause when you fall I fall, when you break I break. When you crawl I crawl, When you hurt I hurt”. The song builds gradually and will have you swaying to it’s minimalist production. It’s a different sort of dreamy compared to ‘No Ordinary Life’ and it works so well in showcasing the growth of him as an artist.