SINGLE REVIEW: Lukas Graham – Love Someone

Even after the global success of ‘7 Years’ I still feel that Lukas Graham is very under-appreciated in the music industry. The Danish three piece proved themselves with the chart dominating single and the strong accompanying sophomore record that won them over a very passionate fanbase. But after taking a little break to work on new music, the band have returned with the announcement of their third studio album ‘3 (The Purple Album)’ and their reflective new single. ‘Love Someone’ is an emotive alternative-pop ballad that tries to re-create the magic of ‘7 Years’. The empowering storyline explores the burning love you have for someone that you would do anything for and can’t imagine them not in your life. “Cause when you love someone, you open up your heart. When you love someone, you make room. If you love someone and you’re not afraid to lose them, you probably never loved someone like I do”. It’s very sweet and nostalgic and will have you feeling so many type of ways. But the delivery is quite simple. There’s nothing completely special or unique about the production except for the fact that it’s really sweet and honest. The vulnerability reminds me of ‘7 Years’ meets a more stripped back production of ‘Hey There Delilah’. But it is the perfect reintroduction to the band as its genuine and doesn’t hear them trying to be someone they’re not.